Wednesday, May 4, 2005

America the lost

It occured to me last night that the American Church is so lost. This is because out American "founding fathers" are the patron saints of our Church. Our political documents are sacred scrolls. Our "Christian Values" are really humanistic values.

We haven't stuck Christianity into our American politics, we took the American politics and stuck them in our Christian creeds.

I've heard Thomas Jefferson and John Adams quoted more in church than Agustine of Hippo, Tertullian, or even modern reformers like Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, and the like. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams aren't Christians and hardly hold to "Christian Values." They're Unitarians.

This Church in America is starting to look more like Sacred Humanism even though they decry Secular Humanism. They're basically the same thing, only the Sacred group says there is a God, or deity, and the Secularists don't. But both, in the end, ascribe to the "humanity is the answer" philosophy.

I'll probably end up writing more on this soon.

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