Thursday, March 23, 2006

Democracy is a lie

Frédéric Bastiat said in his pamphlet The Law that democracy is a transitional government leading to tyranny. People tend to be lazy, and they don't want a continuous active roll in governing their own lives. They shirk their responsibility and push it onto others for their own benefit. People are also greedy. They want more from other people while giving less. Democracy doesn't really have an inherent system to prevent its nature from changing to another form. In the end, we'll find socialism.

In our country we have these representatives filling in for us so we don't have to take full responsibility for governing our own lives. If something goes against our will, we blame these people in whom we've trusted power. When you look at how the system works, however, we see that it's more of an aristocracy. We trick ourselves into thinking we have the "best person for the job" or that we've voted for the best.

The ruled doesn't really like the idea of a ruling aristocracy with power over them. In fact this was why there was a French Revolution. So these people who rule try to make us believe they've earned their power through trust or through some sort of competition of virtue and talent. It's really a meritocracy with a voting process to determine who has the merit to rule. The movements and strategies of the aristocrats are purposed to show they deserved their merit and that this merit carries over through the next series of voting seasons.

This is all a screen, however, since nary a person can even espouse their merits except through social connections and a vast amount of monetary support. So we really have a plutocracy of sorts. We don't have a multi-party system because the "third-parties" don't have enough funding to have their voice heard. Even further, the federal government sponsors the leading parties (democrat and republican), consolidating their hold of power. Regular business people are not leading this country; it is a wealthy ruling class. They don't have the interests of the people in mind, only their holding onto power.

It is all a charade that this government remains "by the people, for the people." The scheme of the plutocrat is to remain in power by deceiving the populace of their alleged "merits". The people still do have power, yes - they have the power to be deceived or to regain their power. If the people reject their rule, the ruler has lost power by default, regardless of their tactics. Throughout history the rulers have used different tact to remain in power. Some have used violence, others deceit.

I don't know where to go from here. I think it requires a new thought. This is as far as the current one will go.

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