Thursday, May 11, 2006

Of sin and suffering

It sickens me that some "Christians" are so callous to suffering. Some people say that HIV victims deserve it because it's an illness as a result of sin. Even those who are born with it, or given it through rape, et al. One such person recently said, "but their illness could have been prevented had other people not gone against God's design."

This is true, but there are homeless people living on the streets because someone's sin of usury, and this does not mean we should ignore our duty as Christians to clothe them, house them, and care for them. There are children starving all over the world because of injustice caused by the sin of greed (caused by people like me who care more about saving a dollar than supporting fair trade), and this does not mean we ignore our GOD GIVEN PRIVLEDGE of serving their needs.

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