Monday, May 1, 2006

Support our troops?

Every Sunday morning I pull into a parking space surrounded by automobiles covered in patriotic stickers. The prevelent sticker is the ubiquitous yellow ribbon adorned with the phrase, "Support Our Troops." The shape of it seems to surplace the Ichtys, which doesn't sit well with me as a follower of Christ. Yesterday I saw a few of them as I left the church parking lot and thought the Church should be embracing a different message.

Support Your Church
Support Global Missions
Support the Orphans and Widows

Maybe it's because people are more dedicated to their country than to their God. Maybe it's because people are devoted more to patriotism than to justice.

When Paul wrote, "Whether your eat or sleep, or anything you do, do it to the glory of God," it seems to me that the most mundane, insignificant thing is to be done to God's glory. You think even applying stickers to your car should be done to the glory of God?

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