Monday, May 15, 2006

Unjust blessings?

This weekend I came across a question. It's a dynamic question that cuts to the very nature of my social activity. But this question can't just be released without context.

I live in a country filled with securities, and abundant consumables. This is a country with freedoms to enjoy and plenty of other things we'll call "blessings". Some people say I should be grateful to the soldiers that gave me these freedoms, while the Founding Fathers were quick to say that liberty is granted by God. The Bible also says the armies of the King are nothing because God is the one that gives safety. Other people will say that I should thank God for the blessings he's bestowed on me and my fellow citizens of this fine country.

Thank God.

But many of these "blessings" are gained through unjust practices. Our corporations and government engage in usury, sanctions and other tactics to keep other countries in servitude to us. To prevent them from developing to self-sustainence. The human cost of production leaves us in debt. We can't possible pay these people what they're worth or our luxuries would cost us a little bit more.

So the question is: Does a God of justice really bless some on the backs of others?

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