Thursday, January 4, 2007

The state can do no wrong

I've been thinking about war, sin and personal responsibility. It seems like everyone that actually supports a Christian's ability to war (John 18:10) gives the justification that it is not the individual who is killing (Exodus 20:13) but it is the state. I don't really see how one can divorce a person's actions from that person, but we'll skip over this part for another even more ridiculous reason. Giving up personal responsibility with the guise of acting for the nation allows a person to do anything no matter how morally reprehensible. If you can murder and lie (Exodus 20:16) to wage war, what else can you do? Serve another god (Mars perhaps)? (Exodus 20:3) War on the sabbath? (Exodus 20:8) Rape and pillage? (Exodus 20:14, 15) Make an oath? (Matthew 5:33-36) I can add here a big et al. Honestly, where does it stop and how do we fault our waring enemies who are themselves only acting for their nation? How do we accuse any nation of cruelty, how do we say any nation is acting incorrectly? We were not given rules for how a government should operate, only how people should operate, and I believe every Christian should follow those rules without passing their own duties off to the government.

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