Thursday, January 31, 2008


I think there is a huge misconception that needs to be addressed. Everyone thinks that Iraq had WMDs and posed a threat to the USA. This was false of course. What we've learned recently is that when Saddam was interrogated he said he didn't have the resources to make WMDs but he wanted the world to think he had them, which is why he kept out weapons inspectors. Why would he do this? Iran is Iraq's biggest enemy, remember who was fighting whom in the 1980s. Saddam claimed he wanted to keep Iran at bay, to keep them from attacking for revenge from the last war.

But America thinks everything is about us. We think Saddam wanted WMDs to use on us. Why? Why would he want to attack the strongest country in the world when he was crippled? Doesn't make sense.

Turning to Iran, I heard someone say that if we didn't go to Iraq that Iraq and Iran would have worked together on a bomb to attack us. WTF? These two countries are mortal enemies. Hell, don't they realize that our biggest problems in Iraq are from Iranians stirring up trouble in that State? Why would they work together when they hate each other? Because we think everything is about us. Iran canceled their weapons program in 2003, when Saddam was no longer a threat. They were preparing for Saddam again. Remember, Saddam used WMDs (we provided mind you) against Iran in the '80s.

But somehow everything is about us, and that's why we've been making a huge stink out of it. I keep hearing people say, "With Iran's history of kidnapping Americans." Again, WTF? One time, and only as a bargaining chip to bring back the dictator we supported so they could bring him to justice. We were protecting him.

We need to get over our ego. I remember a friend I met in Poland who was an Englishman living in Scotland. He said when he thinks of the US he is sad. He says he can't judge because Britain was the Empire and now we are. His nation has been what we are, so it would be hypocritical to judge us. He says we'll learn sometime and be humbled. Every evil person in the world isn't out to get the USA.

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