Monday, February 11, 2008

Christians and Musicians have a lot in common

I was thinking last night about community. I'm beginning to think we've been lied to for the last 50 years or so. Salvation isn't an "individual decision" and Christianity isn't personal journey in the Bible. Jesus died for the Church, a communal body of believers. We are grafted into this Church, this community, this catholic (universal) body of believers.

But this isn't the point I"m trying to make. When I go places, musicians have a unique relationship. We encourage each other, share our talents, abilities, techniques. We teach each other how to do things, different chords, beats, etc. We talk about new artists and products to influence each other to better our musical abilities.

This is something I think the Church shares in a way. At least it should. When we get together we might have nothing else in common with one another, but we have something greater than anything else to bring us together. We should encourage each other, share our struggles, ambitions. We should help each other through things we've gone through ourselves. Point out Scriptures, songs and hymns to each other to help further our collective Spiritual development.

Christianity isn't just a personal decision or a label we attach to our regular secular lives, it is a new way of living. Christ called us out of the world's normal categories, divisions and battles and into a new life of peace, solidarity, community and love. We ought to develop this community, and as musicians we already have a feeling for how transcendent this community can be.

We should commit to one another, as Christian siblings, to encourage one another, love, share, support and otherwise grow together.

Jesus used vine as a metaphor for the Church. We are all branches of this vine. We all have this one thing in common, the vine - Jesus - in which we all are sustained. We are one.

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