Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shari'a law and the fundamentalist Christian support of it

It seems like the same people who are so vocal about this fear of Shari'a law being implemented in Western countries are the same fundamentalist Christians who vehemently support the death penalty. They claim the Levitical law of the Old Testament in the Torah, as well as the Noahic Covenant, supports putting to death those who kill others.

This is a fallacious argument to be sure considering there are myriad laws deserving of capital punishment within the Jewish Law, including rebellious teens, and adultery. However they are perfectly fine in dispensing grace in this area.

Tying into the Shari'a law, the Levitical law is very similar calling for similar punishments. Yet the fundamentalist Christian is appalled by the application of this law; severing hands for theft, killing for impropriety. They seem to be appalled when viewing an even more fundamentalist, more conservative version of themselves.

If we are to acquiesce to the Old law concerning application in contemporary courts, should we not then lay the full course of judicial action in the hands of Mosaic dispensation? Or perhaps we should consider today's secular law apart from God's law in both practice and application. The legislation and execution of such secular law should then accomplish the consensus of citizens within this jurisdiction, and should be for the peace and prosperity thereof. We should not appeal to an outside source for divine support of laws.

And this is the problem: fundamentalists say, "it is thus or naught." They do not leave room for compromise in this institution where they have previously compromised in all other parts of Levitical penalties. For the Christian is a citizen of a spiritual nation, a sojourner in this land. We must live according to our conviction and faith and let secular humanity, in its unregenerate state, to live as their depraved hearts will.

The Christian duty is to speak the Gospel into this darkened world that the Kingdom of God may increase against the gates of Hell.

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