Tuesday, April 22, 2008

21st Century Christian Fellowship

This is an introduction to an introduction. I am developing a series on the new face of the 21st Century Church. This is a Church who is breaking away from the empirical structure of the dominant evangelical Church of the latter 20th Century.

If you have been reading along with me previously, you might read what has already been said, and it is redundant, but that is now a part of this series.

It's very possible that I will expound on this a bit more and attempt to publish it, but I'm not one to make plans for next week, let alone plans like that. So it's all up in the air.

All parts of this series will be tagged with 21CCF so you can find them. I have several sections mostly complete (in fact everything I post here is not going to be complete), but I am missing some sections which are in my outline that are not begun. I will do my best to post all sections in order, but it's possible I might just around a bit.

My overall outline looks like this (names may change over time):

21st Century Christian Fellowship

  1. Going beyond "seeker-friendly"

  2. The 21st Century disciple

  3. Making disciples

  4. The Gospel is communal

  5. The Gospel is political

  6. What it means to worship

  7. The expression of love and devotion

  8. Identity in poverty - blessed are the poor in spirit

  9. Identity in oppression - blessed are the persecuted

  10. Identity in peace - blessed are the peacemakers

  11. From the bottom up: control by the laity
This is a rough beginning, so be patient and understanding please.

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