Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Christian priorities and violence

It makes me sick that Christians complain about TV because its sexuality, music because its vulgarity, and businesses because they hire gays.

Yet I haven't heard a single complaint about the hottest trend amongst teenage boys: Ultimate Fighter Challenge and other "mixed martial arts" events and shows are filling our networks with violence. Kids are practicing to fight, they're fighting at school and form fighting clubs. They're now using fighting in gyms for fitness. On Discovery Channel and The History Channel they both have shows about guys traveling the world learning how to fight and be "warriors."

But somehow this is fine in the Christian ethic. Somehow violence is more acceptable than skimpy clothes.

I'm not advocating a campaign to end violent programs, I just wanted to hold a mirror up to American Christianity's moral priorities.


His Name Extoled said...

Youd probably like to hear my pastor on this topic. He points out many texts (including the flood, and ninevah) where 1 example was given for the wickedness of the people: violence. I myself am a fan of MMA, but I've had that discussion with him. There is a very real line where the athleticism involved crosses over into nothing more than senseless violence. His worldview on violence has changed a lot in the past few years. He's not a pacifist, and I'm not a total pacifist, but he'd definitely share your concern with our obsession with violence.

Destroy:Ideas said...

God said David could not build a temple because he was too violent.