Saturday, May 31, 2008

Liberal bogeyman

I'm taking a day off from spiritual topics to discuss insanity.

For whatever reason it is, every once in a while I listen to Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh. I should really stop this. Today I had Limbaugh on and he epitomizes idiocy. Him, and people like him, have their minds made up on truth and no matter what facts come out, they insist this truth is real and everyone else is a liar. Stephen Colbert called this “truthiness.” It's truth you know in your gut no matter what facts might say.

Now that Scott McClellan has come out saying the Bush administration knowingly and willfully deceived the American people to sell the invasion of Iraq. Rush is now saying Scott was “never any good” and he was a “wussy” and that's why he was fired (after 33 months on the job that's hard to believe). He's accusing the former Press Secretary of being a liberal, or possibly influenced by liberals.

And this is par for the course. When facts come out from a White House insider about how business was conducted, it is a lie made up by liberals. It doesn't matter if it was Richard Clarke, David Kuo, or any of the other several ex-Bush White House members who have publicly criticized the administration's actions.

There are liberals under every rock, in every place always corrupting every conservative. According to Limbaugh they even control our language and calls the conservatives to reclaim language that the liberals use to brainwash America.

This is why it's so hard to listen to this man. This is why I can't take him seriously. He would never once question the President or his administration and anyone who says otherwise is a lying liberal. He believes liberals do nothing but lie. Any time a conservative criticizes his truthiness he automatically writes that person off as a liberal in Republican clothes.

Today he even claimed that there are no conservatives in high public office because the liberals control Washington and if you want to remain in office you have to sell out your own mother to stay there.

It's like the Illuminati conspiracy except the Illuminati aren't reptilian, they're liberals. The way this man talks about them you might think they were reptilian too! They control the media, the government, the minds of 95% of the world, the UN, the enemies of the UN, the Venezuelans, the Colombians, the Californians, the New Yorkers, and everything that isn't Rush, EIB or dittohead. He's an insane, unstable person who can't be trusted.

I was going to attempt to show a liberal talking head who is equally as crazy as Rush, but I can't find anyone who thinks there is a conservative under every rock. They might think conservatives are all inbred idiots, but I can't think of any who actually think there is an abstract truth that cannot be challenged by facts or testimony. I can't find any who don't accept that everyone, no matter how much power they control, are above criticism.

I'm not trying to say liberals are right and conservatives are wrong. No, that's a much too simplified, binary thing to say. What I'm saying is Rush Limbaugh is insane.

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