Monday, June 16, 2008

Dear Modernists

Dear Modernists,

With all this talk from us postmodernists about where you went wrong and failed us, I'd like to chime in on one area most have missed.

It's true that you have failed to engage us with the Gospel and send us into the world as disciples of Christ, instead opting to teach a worldview mostly created by conservative political minds from the mid-century; but you did introduce us to the Gospel. You did fail to teach sound doctrine, instead creating an "inviting atmosphere" related to family values even the pagan could relate to; but you did teach us how to be accepting of others.

Some would even say your biggest err was in secluding yourself from the secular world, creating a subculture the world could co-opt and sell back to us like the consumerist sheep we are. You made the church irrelevant to the world, and lost the imagination of prophecy and apostleship.

But, dear mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, you did create a firm foundation we are free to build upon. You did expend all of your energy making sure the world would be friendly enough for us to question every value you hold so dear. You opened up our horizons and let us be free.

Yet the biggest mistake you have made, by far, is in trusting us with the Kingdom of God. We are so young, passionate and brash. We're arrogant, and we think we have all the answers even though our minds are constantly changing. In our youth, we are foolhardy and prone to make mistakes.

Do not give us the keys to the Kingdom just yet. Do not resign yourselves to let us remake the rules. Instead, let the words of the prophets ring true: the old men have visions and dream dreams. Let us learn from one another. Let us ask questions and sit at your feet. Now is the time to rectify the mistakes of the past and pass on the knowledge of God and give us the words of the Spirit.

Forgive us our rebellious spirit, and teach us the ways of the Cross. Give us the Gospel of Peace. Though we have the duty to take the Church into the 21st Century, you have the years of experience to help us along the way. You have weathered the storms of life and of godliness. You can share your spiritual warfare scars.

Don't fight us now, don't try to destroy us. Please help us, guide us, care for us. Love us. The world is changing, and will always change. If you do this for us, we just might do it for our grandchildren.

Please stay with us

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