Thursday, June 19, 2008

What happened at the cross?

I'm thinking out loud again.

Jesus asked the Father to forgive the soldiers who crucified him. They did not know what they were doing, he said.

If these soldiers were acting in the jurisdiction of the state, why would they need forgiveness? As the state's proxy, they are not responsible for their actions (according to some).

Further thinking about the crucifixion: The state crucified an innocent man, but God was killing a guilty man. We can talk a lot about when the sin was placed on Jesus, if it was in his death or while he was being flayed perhaps, but it is interesting that while the flesh is acting in an unjust manner, the Spirit is working justice. This is echoed time and again in scripture, most notably in the story of Joseph. While his brothers sinned, God was causing this sin for good. God ordained the sin of the brothers for the good of His people. Pretty amazing.

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Shak El said...

All are responsible for their own acts even those who commit murder on behalf of the state (which is why Christians refused to be Roman Soldiers until after Constantine). You can't escape using the Nerumberg Defense.