Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alternative energy

Politicians keep talking about supporting alternative energy programs through boosting funds for research and development. This is silly. We have the technology now, we just need to deploy it. We do need more research, but that's simply to make the technology more effective.

My proposal would increase green collar jobs in America, boosting the economy and adding jobs, especially in the middle class suburban areas. It would also reduce the dependency on coal, petroleum and other pollution inducing forms of energy production.

Solar. We hear quite a bit about funding solar technology research. What's the point? We have solar panels now. We need to deploy them.

Create large tax benefits to install solar panels to the roofs of existing homes and to new construction homes. We have this technology now. This puts the average home on a very limited need for additional energy to the home, and when energy use is lower than created energy it feeds back into the grid.

Doing this means we wouldn't have to designate land to install solar panels, they would go on top of existing structures. You could essentially have communities providing their own energy only pulling energy from outside the area during peak hours and to supply the non-residential infrastructure used (street lights, et al).

This may not work in all areas, but in most of the southwest and southern states.

Some cities have already offered rebates for homeowners adding energy-efficient appliances, insulation, and other energy-reducing installation. If we could do this on a grander scale it would certainly help.

Not to dismiss research and development, but this great infusion of money into the solar market to deploy this would add a lot of money into these companies naturally without having to necessarily receive subsidies.

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