Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Class warfare

Any time someone talks about taking on big business for the benefit of the working class, you always hear indictments of "class warfare" (as if that was a bad thing). But this is always a one-way street. The working class has no power, and their "class warfare" is mostly words.

But the capitalist class has been engaging in class warfare for hundreds of years. It's not just words, it ruins lives, families and communities.

If voting for labor rights is class warfare, than what is predatory lending? High interest credit cards? Reduction in wages, benefits and pensions? The wage gap between laborer and executive? Hiring of illegal immigrants? Big business pushing small business out of the market?

Make no mistake, class warfare is upon us on a daily basis. The real question is, how long will the laborer take it?

Yesterday we celebrated a national holiday that stems from the work of anarchists. It's not Walmart's favorite holiday for sure because it is a celebration of the right of laborers to organize. The tradition of the syndicationalists of the early 20th Century should be sought after in this global economy. Do your homework.

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