Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eating meat sacrificed to pagan gods

Our bodies as living sacrifices. Interesting. This is giving our whole being over to Christ, who is Lord. No other king but King Jesus. As we are his (the King's) ambassadors. We're not citizens of this world, but sojourners - pilgrims in this land. We are ambassadors from the Kingdom of God to this place to witness for the Kingdom. We're diplomats from another world.

So what happens when we're called to "serve our country?" We put aside our ambassadorship of the Kingdom and now are representatives of a "nation of unclean lips." We are no longer an example of Christ, but an example of the wrath brought down from the Pentagon.

Our bodies, which are living sacrifices for the Lord, are now sacrifices for "freedom" or "democracy."

Basically, you can't be a sacrifice on two altars at once.

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