Monday, September 22, 2008

Tithing time

Imagine what would happen if the Church didn't just tithe their money. Perhaps they wouldn't see their tithe as a buffer between them and actual service.

What would happen if every parishioner tithed their time to the Lord's work? We work 40-hour weeks. Give a tithe of 4 hours in service. Clean up the building grounds, mow the lawn, volunteer at the crisis birth center. Imagine putting just 4 hours a week into something like cutting hair or doing nails at a hospice, singing songs with homeless, or working to help the field laborers earn fair wages.

A congregation of just 100 would have 400 hours of labor at their disposal every week. And a church of 1500 would have a whopping 6000 hours of labor!

Perhaps we should motivate pastors to preach this kind of tithing instead of the money-centered tithe they teach now.

Give gladly out of your needs! Give joyously, not begrudgingly! Rejoice in your deeds!

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mozy girl said...

i like it! best sermon i've heard in a while...