Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do something about abortion

I was just thinking about the huge resources poured into pro-life political campaigns. There are dozens of organizations committed to this one issue, but they don't actually help mothers in need. Their goal is so limited: to make abortion illegal. Millions of dollars are pumped into candidates' campaigns, lobbyists fees, and ballot propositions every year. But the fact is that making abortion illegal doesn't reduce the number of abortions committed.

At the same time, crisis pregnancy centers go underfunded, and many shut down do to lack of funding. These centers do real work, and real good in the community. They take care of mothers in their pregnancy, helping them get prenatal care, helping with bills, and child support post-birth.

What effect would we have if we re-engaged the abortion issue with all of this political money and put it into cities with high teen pregnancy, and high poverty? Fund these clinics, create more holistic clinics for families. We could really make an impact with this issue and truly reduce abortion in this country. We already know that more social spending does reduce abortion, so this isn't a wild idea that won't work.

What do you think? Could we manage such a feat?

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The Pike Family said...

Pssh, Stop being so logical!