Monday, October 27, 2008

Election issues 2008 - part 2

I made a scoring correction on part 1. Now on to a few more issues I care about.

Torture and Rendition (5)
These two issues are usually hand-in-hand. We all know what torture is, and George W. Bush said we "don't torture" just before admitting we have/do. This is a big issue.

Rendition is the practice of our Federal government of removing suspects (usually terror suspects, or sympathizers) to a foreign country to curtail the interrogation (read: torture) laws we have in the States. Of course the current administration has tortured people in the States, but there is also the case of many who have been kidnapped and sent to another country (like Syria) where they are tortured and held for years. Some of these people have been kidnapped by mistake, but we hold them to hide the fact that we screwed up.

Former Representative Cynthia McKinney is opposed to torture and rendition. +5

I cannot find anything of Former Ambassador to the UN Alan Keyes specifically addressing these issues. +0

Ralph Nader is vocally opposed to torture and rendition. +5

Senator Barack Obama opposed the approval of torture in the Senate. +5

Former Congressman Bob Barr is opposed to torture. +5

I'm was saddened to have Senator John McCain change his mind on torture, especially after he opposed so vocally torture against the current administration. He is still against torture, but doesn't want to limit the CIA or other government agencies from being limited by the Army Field Manual approved techniques saying they need more leeway than the military. He rests on secretive documents we, the People, can't see suggesting those techniques are legal. I will give him the benefit of a doubt +0

Posse Comitatus (4)
This issue is probably the hardest to judge because you never know what a President will do until they actually do it. Posse Comitatus is the law which prevents the use of the military for law enforcement purposes. This is a measure to keep from turning into a police state. The law allowed for use in emergency situations (natural disasters, riots, etc). This may have been gutted by the Bush administration, and a military brigade is going to be set up in the States so it might be bygone, but lets see if I can track anything down. I'll only score candidates on this one where I find anything, otherwise they all get +0.

Congratulation to Former Representative Cynthia McKinney for supporting the act! +5

And accolades to Former Congressman Bob Barr for supporting the law as well! +5

A lot more issues to come. I have less than a week so I'll have to get on this. Scores so far (issues: abortion, torture/rendition, habeas corpus, and posse comitatus) are:

McKinney: 10
Keyes: 5
Nader: 6
Obama: 10
Barr: 14
McCain: -5

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