Friday, October 10, 2008

Schoolyard politics

It amuses me, but it also makes me depressed. The fact that two grown, mature men and their intelligent cronies, are acting like children. What's worse is they're both vying for the most powerful position in the world.

John McCain and his side are using this silly inference about someone Barack Obama met a few times to call into question ... I'm not sure what they're inferring. They say, "Nobody cares about an old, washed up terrorist." If nobody cares, why bring it up!? Because, "We know there is more to their relationship than Senator Obama is claiming." So they're calling him a liar? Yes. "It's about time Barack Obama came clean with the American public about his relationship with William Ayers."

So they're subtly inferring that Barack Obama is a terrorist sympathizer, and claiming he's not truthful about it. An outrageous claim because they don't have evidence there is more, they're just claiming there is and Barack is lying about it. But if there was more, wouldn't it be in the public interest for McCain to explain what's it is? No, he'd rather just throw it out there claiming it's about Barack's transparency.

One politician calling another one a liar. Amazing! You don't do that because then it opens yourself up to criticism for your lies. Like when McCain said he was going to run a respectable campaign, they would not run a negative campaign, and negativity would not come from their side at all. Lie! When he "suspended" his campaign to solve the credit crisis. Lie. And that's just the last few months.

And then out comes Senator Obama calling McCain, in essence, a "chicken." Really? He said Senator McCain made claims about him but didn't have the guts to "say it to my face." What is this, high school? Senator Biden took his jacket off while saying, "In my neighborhood, if you have something to say to a man you say it to his face." Was he threatening John McCain with that gesture? Maybe it was just hot, but it sure looked like you wanted to beat him up.

So the stock market lost $2.5-trillion in the last seven days, and these gentlemen are talking about lies and cowardice. You know who's not a coward? Hugo Chavez. He came to New York and stood in the same podium George W. Bush did and said he still smelled the sulfur. Now that's balls! He doesn't lie either, he said he would boot the US ambassador from Venezuela - and he did. The point I'm making is that it's the policies that matter, not the personality.

Maybe voters in America are stupid. Maybe that's why Presidential candidates can't use language higher than a 5th-grade level without being accused of elitism. I have hope that voters take this more seriously, but more than likely they'll vote for the guy who "looks presidential." That means you can have a beer with him, and he makes tough choices. Sounds like most of the guys I know.

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