Thursday, October 16, 2008

To vote or not to vote

This year I'm mostly ambililant to all politicians and ballot measures. I'm still trying to figure out if I should vote, and if I do vote, how. I figure I'll go through the different elections and issues and post them here. This is a multi-part series.

I do have to do a lot more research on everyone, and read the propositions, but I think I need to first figure out which issues I care about, and somehow weigh them for priority. This is a difficult thing for me to do because I tend to prefer a holistic approach to everything, I don't care so much for individual issues. I think issues relate to eachother more than we realize, so any position I find will be some sort of capitulation, or a concession at least.

Because of my holistic approach, it is actually somewhat difficult for me to separate issues to even figure out what I address. Politics don't generally talk about mercy, justice (shalom), humility, grace, and forgiveness. This is basically the foundation of my beliefs, so in letting this inform my politics I am faced with a wall. Government by its very nature is legalized violence and coercion. Laws are passed which force compliance throught he threat of punishment. Politicians talk about war as a tool, military might as a goal, economic dominance as the plan, and more government spending.

So I think I might just have to use the issues as the public discourse describes them. Abortion, Civil Rights, Crime, Defense, Disabilities, Drugs, Economy, Education, Energy, Entitlement Programs, Environment, Ethics, Faith, Family, Fiscal, Foreign Policy, Gun Control, Healthcare, Immigration, Justice, Poverty, Privacy, Science, Social Security, Technology, Taxes, and War.

Each of these issues has a general idea behind them about what is wrong with them and the debate is on how it should be fixed. My opinion on each of these is probably different than every politician. I'm not "main-stream."

In future posts, I will describe each issue, rate each issue on order of priority, give the candidate's response to each issue, and rate how I feel about each answer. I will then discuss the California state ballot measures, and possibly the boring local races as well.

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