Monday, November 3, 2008

Ballot initiatives 2008

These are the issues on my personal ballot for the state of California.

Measure 1A - No: This initiative would sell bonds to fund a high-speed passenger train service from San Diego and LA to San Francisco and Sacramento. I really want to support transportation, but I don't think right now is a good time to spend this money. We have a budget crisis in the state. Maybe we should finish the monorail to Las Vegas first. I might waiver tomorrow, but right now I'm against it.

Measure 2 - Yes: I have already written on this issue. This bill will create safer food, and a more humane/moral food industry. Arizona has already done a similar law, as well as other states. It doesn't raise prices, it keep people and animals safe.

Measure 3 - No: This initiative sells bonds to build children's hospitals. I think it's a great idea but I am still concerned with the budget problems this state is facing.

Measure 4 - Yes: This initiative creates a parental notification prior to a minor's abortion. I think this falls squarely in parental rights. I understand concerns for incest, but this bill allows for these cases to defer to another adult relative. I would only hope it would also allow a state-appointed social worker to stand in the place of a relative.

Measure 5 - Yes: This bill will improve recovery centers for drug related offenses. This has been done here previously with great success, this will just expand that program. It relieves our overcrowded jails, and will certainly reduce instance of those leaving prison into a life of crime.

Measure 6 - No: This bill mandates a minimum annual budget for law enforcement of about $1-billion. That's fine, but it seems like a trick to get people to vote for the changes in law that are also included in the initiative. These changes aren't good, including trying children as adults.

Measure 7 - No: This initiative was created to increase wind and solar energy. I like that. Everybody likes that. But the bill is poorly written and would cause problems with our system. We simply need a better bill.

Measure 8 - Don't care: Prop 8 is the big war in the state right now, and I don't care either way. It would ban same-sex marriage in the state and would prevent the state from recognizing same-sex marriages from other states and countries. I don't know why you would want to do that. I think the state shouldn't define marriage at all. The state should recognize civil unions, and the churches should recognize marriages. The Roman Catholic Church doesn't recognize divorce when the state does, so we already have an issue. So in my estimation, this bill neither supports my view or is opposed to my view. I'm not voting on it.

Measure 9 - No: This allows a victim the right to take part in every phase of a criminal's sentencing, parole, etc. I don't know why this should be allowed. It would make the court system confusing and bloated and would throw off the balance of justice because wealthy people would be able to afford all of this.

Measure 10 - No: I like how my friend Brenden said it, this is car welfare. It is basically a subsidy on alternative fuel and hybrid cars so we can buy them more inexpensively. When we can't pay for highway repair, it doesn't make sense to pay for cars to put on them. Maybe we should raise gas prices, it kept people off the roads.

Measure 11 - Yes: Politicians redistrict to help them keep power. This bill prevents politicians from redistricting. That's good.

Measure 12 - No: Basically expands on the GI Bill giving funds to veterans to open farms. Almost $2-billion we don't have in our budget. No thanks.


LynzMiller said...

You always provide such insightful thoughts. I appreciate reading your input. Sometimes I get confused with some of the terms politicians use. I like it when things are written out straight forward.

Steven Kippel said...

Thanks. Sometimes when I read other people's stuff it seems so pretentious because they use these huge words to convey concepts. I prefer easy words.