Monday, November 3, 2008

Election issues 2008 - part 5

Not a lot of time now. A few issues now and then I'll get to the ballot initiatives before I finish up on candidates.

Social security (1)
The argument about social security at this point is whether or not it should be privatized. Every Republican candidate in the primaries said they favored private investment. Every Democratic candidate opposed privatization. Essentially "private investment" means the government would manage mandatory IRA accounts using the money you would otherwise pay into social security.

What does it say about a society that leave their elderly to waste away in retirement homes the way we do? What would it say if these people were refused care because the government dropped social security? Chuck Baldwin isn't on my ballot, but he wants to dump social security. The other "conservative" candidates want to privatize it. If we were to privatize the system the current beneficiaries and anyone who is now employed would either lose funding or we would have to cover it through deficit until they all died off, which would take over 50 years. And these "private investments" are at the whim of the market. I don't have a lot of money invested but I lost about 30% of my IRA over the last few months.

Former Representative Cynthia McKinney opposes privatizing social security. +1

Former Ambassador to the UN Alan Keyes would privatize. -1

Ralph Nader would protect social security. +1

Senator Barack Obama would protect social security. +1

Former Congressman Bob Barr would move to private accounts. -1

Senator John McCain supports privatization. -1

Network neutrality (1)
Network neutrality means internet providers could not limit or prohibit bandwidth to any website. The issue is over what kind of control the ISPs would have on what content is available to users. I'm against censoring the internet.

Former Representative Cynthia McKinney voted to support net neutrality. +1

Former Ambassador to the UN Alan Keyes hasn't commented. +0

Ralph Nader supports net neutrality. +1

Senator Barack Obama supports net neutrality and said it would be a priority in his first term. +1

Former Congressman Bob Barr hasn't commented. +0

Senator John McCain seems to support the ISPs' opinion saying, "When you control the pipe you should be able to get profit from your investment." And for some reason he thinks we shouldn't anticipate legal problems and wait for the issues to pop up. -1

Nuclear weapons (4)
Nuclear weapons are unnecessary and terrible. They need to be removed from earth for good. We have broken enough treaties concerning nuclear arms, it's time to actually get rid of our arsenal. We lose our leverage on other countries seeking nuclear weapons when we keep them, and even build more.

Former Representative Cynthia McKinney wants to reduce nuclear arms and even end production of depleted uranium. +4

Former Ambassador to the UN Alan Keyes hasn't commented on nuclear proliferation but has talked about a missile defense system to protect against ... China. Because insulting our biggest importer is helpful. +0

Ralph Nader opposes the use of nuclear weapons. He is opposed to "first use" philosophies. He supports nonproliferation treaties. +4

Senator Barack Obama strongly supports reducing nuclear arsenals globally. +4

Former Congressman Bob Barr hasn't commented. +0

I'm glad to give Senator John McCain his first positive marks. He has opposed nuclear proliferation and has supported nonproliferation treaties for decades. +4

I'm going to eat dinner and get back on this shortly. Standings so far:
McKinney: 28
Keyes: 0
Nader: 24
Obama: 16
Barr: 5
McCain: -17

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