Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays

Every year you have people plastering bumper stickers on their cars proclaiming, "We say 'Merry Christmas.'" Radio and television talk show hosts of a certain slant proclaim there is a war on Christmas.

I have no problem with people saying "Happy holidays" because I might be celebrating Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, and New Years all in the span of a few weeks, so instead of listing off a series of events, you might as well bundle them.

But why not call it a "holiday tree" or something like that? This holiday that features a jolly old elf in a red cap, a yule log, an evergreen tree, and copious amounts of shopping and gift giving is NOT Christmas. So the fact that you insist on calling it Christmas is insulting to me, and maybe to anyone else that insists on celebrating Advent, and the Mass of Christ.

Eggnog and mistletoe aren't in my Bible. Giving gifts as a celebration, and not as a lifestyle of equity amongst believers is not in my Bible. None of this supports the worship of our Savior come to this world as a human.

There is a war on Christmas, and it's sold by Madison Avenue, but it's bought by Christians everywhere. The Church mortgaged Advent for consumerist indulgence.

Maybe we should simply wish a "Festive Shopping."

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