Friday, March 13, 2009

We've been lied to for so long

Previously I have written that "Democracy is a lie" and our present governmental system is really a "plutocracy of sorts." But lately I have become more and more convinced we truly are in a plutocracy. We are a nation ruled by the wealthy.

In the present political climate we hear a lot about capitalism and socialism. The political debates are about the merits of capitalism, and how we can make capitalism work.

But we have been confused as to what, in fact, makes capitalism (is it a sin?). If you were to poll random people out on the street if they were capitalists, they would more often than not they would answer in the affirmative.

But capitalists are, by definition, "a person of wealth" (see: plutocrat). They make their wealth from the labor of others. The common middle-class laborer cannot possibly be a capitalist because they do not control any capital.

When you look at our political system you don't have Republicans and Democrats, you have capitalists. It's a one-party system, controlled by the wealthy, for the benefit of the wealthy. The populist rhetoric and legislation is meant to calm (read: suppress) the proletariat. When the laborers are content, the capitalists can profit from the lower class labor.

I'm going to write more about this later because I have a lot of thoughts about this topic right now. I just wanted to define who capitalists are at this point so I don't have to define it later. We hear a lot about "class warfare" lately from the capitalist talking heads. What this really means is the proletariat are seeing through the fa├žade of the sham. Class warfare has been ongoing for millennia, but it's through passive oppression of the lower classes. We do have class oppression, and I think the oppressed are sick of it.

But it's not all passive oppression, right now the capitalists are talking about bringing all-out war against the laborers. More on this later.

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