Friday, April 24, 2009

August Town

I was just listening to a ska reggae song from Duane Stephenson on Pandora. It's a good song.

Check out the lyrics:

Artist: Duane Stephenson
Song: August Town

A word from the wise, don't try to make life on your own
Remember that Jah Jah’s by your side, for I was a soul who was lost
and my life was in dismay, for among evil forces in which I played yeah
guns and ammunition were my chosen way of life,
with God's fearing people I chose to strive,
for all of the lives that are taken, they can never be replaced,
but still Jah Jah chose to remember my face,

Though I never lived like he wanted,
I'm still mindful of what he taught me
So now I beg and plead, I'm on my bended knees
'Cause Father you rescued me
I've got the scars to show, I barely made it along life's road
'Cause when my life got dark, you was the only spark
You were the light at the end of the road

When I was a young boy growing up in August Town
we ate from the same pot, we were idling all around
from corner to colour and corner, from rockers to jungle turf tire
rising to dreadhieghts and river all around, and then the football ground became a battle field and my life seem so surreal
people were falling all around, but Jah helped me to stand my ground
Only Jah, Only Jah, could have helped me to stand my ground

Never lived to please him, I never lived like I should
O, Father you rescued me yeah yeah

I've lived and I've learned, I have made mistakes along the way
Now I beg for forgiveness, each day as I try to pray
so take it from me son, you can change the world today
and am living proof, living proof that crime doesn't pay

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