Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Red White and Blue Dawn

If you're not familiar with Red Dawn, feel free to rent it and give it a go. It stars Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen back in 1984, and it was the quintessential cold war paranoia flick depicting the invasion of Small Town, USA by a coalition of Cuban, Chinese and Russia soldiers (you know, the reds - the communists).

The story follows this small group of high school students who manage to escape the attack on their school (where the commies have nothing better to do than murder kids, obviously) and take to the hills. After a while they decide they're going to fight back and take on the invading force. They even name themselves the Wolverines (their school's mascot).

I remember how many conservative groups have recommended this movie as some sort of beacon of hope. I mean, what better exemplifies the American spirit than digging in and fighting for our country? I even heard someone just as the election seasons tarted up a couple years ago to watch it.

It's somewhat ironic then when these same groups don't understand what's happening in Afghanistan, Iraq (and previously/concurrently in Central/South America, et al). Perhaps we should watch the movie again, only this time the characters can be named Firas and Hassan, and the invading for can be the Coalition of the Willing. People who otherwise would have gone along their daily lives now pick up arms against the invaders. It's not about ideology at this point, the only thing that's known is there in a foreign armed force in their country and their friends have been killed.

I'm not justifying any of it. What I'm pointing to is this silly depravity of the human mind that would lead us into these ridiculous wars. It's back and forth. It's nonsense. It's satanic.

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