Friday, December 31, 2010

No Easy Decision

What are your thoughts on this?

There is an extended interview on the website that is also worth watching.


His Name Extoled said...

I had to hold off on commenting on this when I watched it because I was in precisely the mentality I want to warn against. Christians need to be very very careful on this issue. Those 3 girls, all of them, made terrifying decisions and we are in sin if we brow beat them as Christians who believe all life is sacred. Here are a few things I decided that I would respond to, in 3 very different ways.

The morality of abortion. I think no matter how you justify it, abortion is murder. That being said I think this moral absolutism should be the argument that spends the least amount of a Christians time in the foreground of public debate. There is a time and a place to stand firm and fight for truth and take very hard unyielding stands but that form is usually not with those who have just gone through something as painful as an abortion. The strict moral argument should primarily be taken out on the advocates of Abortion as birth control and the institutions which promote and conduct these procedures and who redefine life to sometime "after" the embryo is a bunch of "cells".

Now to dealing with women who have had abortions. This is where Christians need to be very very careful. This is not the forum for people to get assaulted from the "high horse" views. This is precisely the time we need to remember our Lord, the friend of sinners. This is the place where Christians need to learn what it means to be gracious and forgiving, even when the woman is not asking for either. Chances are that many women who have abortions expect to be condemned by Christians, and many times I assume their justifications for their actions are nature defenses against assumed condemnation mixed with a lack of knowledge of Christ. Each of the three women in the video were pained by the choice to get an abortion, though each of them all said they believed they made the right choice. This is the a great opening to be able to show the love of Christ! Christ is the great physician, the healer of the broken hearted, the friend and savior of sinners! Christ came to bring healing and renewal and new life to a dead world. This is where the need for a relationsal evangelism is able to be tangibly applied! I'm not downplaying the role of sharing the convictions of sin, but I believe that must come after there is an understood love. Christ defended the woman caught in adultery and then did not himself condemn her and the last thing he said was to go and sin no more. There is a pattern there I think is very important. We must come to the aid of those whoa are in need (such as a woman who debated and wrestled with the idea of abortion and tried to make the best decision, even if it was misguided), then we must deal graciously and lovingly with them, and then only after we have helped them and shown then grace and love should we seek to inform them about moralism. Morality must be the lesson, not the requirement, of our love!

His Name Extoled said...

Lastly the Christian worldview should really seek to understand what abortion is. Most Christian's tend to view abortion as a chief evil. It is evil and it is abominable, but many (truly all) of our own sins are too! Abortion is sin but it is also the symptom of other problems. Teen pregnancy and teen sex are also the symptoms of other problems. These are all the symptoms of a world that is dead in sin and is on the path to hell and in need of a savior! We must not excuse sin, but we must see the gospel! Paul in 1 Cor goes through an extensive list of sin and then says in vrs 11 "And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God."! We must not forget that the God who saved us and washed us from sin calls us to show that love and grace to others! We who have been made alive with God must bring the gospel, "...the power of God for salvation to everyone who believe...", to those who are lost in this world, and these 3 women are examples of those who need this.

It's late and so I hope this all made sense...