Saturday, December 25, 2010

Put the Mass back in Christmas

Every year, I'm surprised how American Christian culture takes the "most wonderful time of the year" and turns it into a time of bitterness and strife through this so-called "War on Christmas."

The argument is that Christmas is about Christ. "He's right in the name." So they try to force everyone to celebrate the holiday ("It's a Holy Day!") their way. They plaster "Happy Birthday Jesus" all over everything, and spitefully add "Merry Christmas" in an offending tone when offered a "Happy Holiday." They want everyone to know "the reason for the season."

Let's get this straight: Christmas is a secular holiday. It always was. It was secular celebrations surrounding the Christ Mass at the apex of Advent.

Most of these culture warriors don't celebrate Advent, and many evangelical congregations don't even have a service if the holiday lands on Sunday.

They've taken the Mass out of Christmas, and keep the celebration. They embrace the secular part of the holiday, and then pretend an evergreen tree is a sacred Christian icon.

Who cares what it's called? It's a time to reflect of "peace and goodwill towards all men."

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