Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The different views of salvation

It's West vs. East. Not really. It's more like Protestant (substitutionary atonement) vs. Eastern Orthodox (Cristus victor). Roman Catholic is kind of in the middle of these two.

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His Name Extoled said...

Yup. Watching this video is exactly the same as talking to my friend Alex. The EO view of salvation which has no real concept of wrath and focuses primarily on the conquering of death which is ultimately how we are saved. My response is the same to this video as to Alex, amen and yes, but there's more!

Studying the east there is a large divide between the east and the west, and that started at Augustine on the issue of Salvation. We have much more in common with Rome than we do with Constantinople when it comes to a view of wrath absorbing justification or death conquering relationship. Both sides have forensic and reconciliatory aspects but they emphasize and explain what they are and how they relate to each other very differently.

You should not reject what the east has to say about salvation, because it's true. The question is, is it complete or does the west have other aspects that the east lost since they started looking elsewhere at Augustine, and then never had Anselm.

Still in the process of working on a response to Eastern Orthodoxy, and still learning about a few things like iconography to see what exactly I will adopt or consider. I think the east has much to offer the west (especially on issues of the trinity and religious devotion and the mystery of our faith), and there are things I think the west has to offer the east (specifically academically driven theology, and a fuller understanding of justification). I'm sure as I study more I will see more things in the east I love, and more things that I am staunchly western in.

If you want to read a book that Alex recommended me that is hailed by EO guys as a very fair and accurate treatment of the East's theology from a reformed protestant's perspective this book is very helpful as a starter. Alex and I read through it together.