Monday, October 3, 2011

The end result of Muscular Christianity

It's just too much. I don't really have words.

I've said it was dangerous theologically to prop up this alpha male masculinity as a model for Christian behavior, saying anything less means you're less godly. Yet it continues, and grows daily.

Stupid, idiotic pastors of questionable character keep using violence to sell their version of the Gospel of Peace, like somehow the message of the cross just wouldn't make it into the minds of young men unless someone was kicked in the balls first. As if the love of God to rescue all of creation from certain doom wasn't good enough, so we have to make somebody bleed first.

And now we have a story from a congregation in Tulsa, Oklahoma who stages boxing matches as part of their ministry. And now Muscular Christianity has taken a life.

Stop it. Just stop it.

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His Name Extoled said...

I wonder if the church will ever learn this lesson. I don't think the One who shed his blood would advocate blood sports in his honor.