Monday, April 9, 2012

Family values v. Free market economics

I'm an American, and in America we have a two-party system. One party claims to support "family values" and economic liberties. This party has become incredibly successful in its marketing this idea. They make the claim that "we're the party of family values" and nobody bothers to even question the idea.

But there's a problem in America for this party. Young people in this country care more about their family ties than their occupations. This is a problem for them because their economic model is built on greed, and the new generation cares less about money than the preceding generations. They care about relationships more than materialism.

The economic model of the party of family values believes "hunger is a great motivator." They call children who want to be close to their families "lazy" and would prefer young adults moving out of state to find jobs rather than maintaining their family bonds. Their policies find migration to be a positive economic function to provide competition in the market in order to reduce labor costs, but it also pulls families apart.

I'm not here today to provide a solution, I just don't think one can claim to be the party of family values while promoting economic policies which cause domestic turmoil, prevent young people from getting married and starting families, and pull apart families for the goal of greed.

It's a shame there isn't a third way in America.

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